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Armchair sailors love to read about other people's round-the-world sailing voyages. If they had to do it themselves, however, they would find such a journey to be a grueling test of patience, endurance, and self-reliance. Even experienced blue water sailors find a global circumnavigation to be a daunting challenge. World Voyagers is the marvelous true story of the round-the-world sailing voyage of Georgetown (Maine) residents Amy Wood and Phil Shelton, told with humor, excitement, and unvarnished honesty.
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GOOD OLD BOAT - Susan Lynn Kingsbury

Author Amy P. Wood stated that she wanted to write a book that told the true story -- not one with fluff – and she indeed accomplishes this feat with World Voyagers, an all encompassing detailed account of a three year circumnavigation aboard Iwalani.
Although this book is lengthy, it reads like a daily log or blog, (which is where Amy and Phil originally posted the details of their trip online), and it allows the reader to ultimately become part of the crew, sailing right along with Phil, Amy and Stewart.
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In the late 1990s an old red Yankee-class iceboat occasionally appeared on Maine lakes. Sailed by a bearded man and a blonde woman, it went much faster than it should have, considering its aged sail. Then, for several seasons, it was missed, to reappear a couple of winters later. Come to find out that in those intervening years its co-pilots, professional shipwright Phil Shelton and his wife, veterinarian Amy Wood, had finished building the 42' Buehler-designed ketch IWALANI and sailed her around the world.
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SOUNDINGS - Build the Boat, Sail the World

Artist/veterinarian Amy Wood and her wooden-boat builder husband Philip Shelton spent three years aboard gaff-rigged cutter Iwalani, designed and built by the couple.
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B00KREVIEW.COM - Rod Clark

World Voyagers: The True story of a veterinarian, a Renaissance man, and Stewart the Cat, is a beautifully produced hardcover book, with a picture on the cover of the sailing boat, Iwalani, in which Amy, Phil and their feline friend Patrick (Editors Note. Should read "Stewart" not "Patrick")circumnavigated the world. (Iwalani means "Heavenly Seabird" in Hawaiian.) Also on the front cover are gold seals announcing that the book is the winner of an "Indie" (Independent Publishing book Awards) prize for travel fiction. The inside covers have maps that trace the incredible journey of Man, Woman and Cat, providing a useful and quick visual reminder to the reader of where the protagonists are geographically at any point in their journey.
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