"world Voyagers" ebook download $9.99

The e-book version of “World Voyagers” brings all of the adventures of Phil, Amy and Stew to small hand-held devices. Embark on a hunt for crocodiles, while waiting for the dentist. Frolic naked in a Polynesian ceremonial mare, while waiting in line at the post office. Read, eat and weep as you learn about love, loss and goats head soup, all in the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere. Ebook includes 21 illustrations.

ebook versions

missing imageMobiPocket (.prc) Compatible with devices using MobiPocket eBook software. Kindle, iPaq, Palm, etc. 2MB

missing imageMicrosoft Reader (.lit) Compatible with ReaderWorks on PC and PDA's. 871KB

missing imageeBook Reader (.pdf) SONY PRS-505 3MB

missing imagePalmReader (.pdb) Tungsten IIe 746KB

ebook faq's

What is an eBook?
An eBook is an electronic version of a book.They come in many formats: PDF, lit, prc, pdb to name a few, and have been around since 2000.

What do I need to read an eBook?
eBooks can be viewed on a computer (Mac or PC) or on a handheld device. There have been many devices designed especially for reading eBooks. Some of the more popular ones are: Illiad, Sony eBook Reader, Cybook and now the Amazon Kindle. With the right software you can also read eBooks on PDA's and phones.
Click HERE for a review of the Kindle vs the Sony PRS-505.

Which eBook file format should I get?
That depends on what device you choose to view the book on and what software you decide to use.

What software should I use?
By far the most universal software is Mobipocket. This software can be installed on the widest variety of devices. Microsoft Reader uses the Microsoft platform and PalmReader works on Palm devices. Mac owners have a choice of using Adobe Acrobat for .pdf files or eReader for Macintosh for .pdb files

What is DRM?
DRM (digital rights managment) is a protection scheme to keep eBooks from being copied illegally.

What about free eBooks?
Free eBooks are available in txt format and come from various sources. The Gutenburg Project has been offering free eBooks for a long time. These books are out of copyright so they have no restrictions.

amazon kindle vs sony prs-505

missing image

PC or Mac compatible.

Storefront software not Mac compatible.

White plastic case.

Aluminum case

E-Ink Screen (8 shades of gray, NO color). No backlight.

E-Ink Screen (8 shades of gray, NO color). No backlight.

Portrait display mode only.

Portrait or Landscape display mode

Power switch on back.

Power switch on top.

Sprint wireless"whispernet" (NOT available in all areas of the USA or outside the USA. There is no charge as of March 2008.) or USB Cable to PC file transfers.

USB Cable to PC ONLY file transfers.

Physical qwerty keyboard.

No physical or virtual keyboard.

Font size selection button.

Font size selection button.

SD card slot inside back cover.

SD and CF card slots in top.

Reset button inside back cover.

Reset on back of unit.

Volume control button on bottom.

Volume control button on bottom.

Headphone jack on bottom.

Headphone jack on bottom.

Charge jack/status light on bottom.

Charger jack on bottom with status light on top.

Charger included.

Charger NOT included. Cost $30 extra

Trickle charge with USB connection

Trickle charge with USB connection

User replacable battery.

Send unit back for battery replacement.

Battery lasts about 700 page turns between charges. I haven't left it unused for two weeks, so I am not sure how long it would last with the unit turned off.

Battery lasts about 700 page turns between charges.

Self-discharges to a "dead" state in 2 weeks if turned off and not recharged.

Date/time set on sync.

Manually set date/time.


1) E-books purchased through the Amazon Kindle on-line store directly from the Kindle using "whispernet" or

2) PC with internet access to the Kindle Store which then uses "whispernet' to deliver books to the Kindle or

3) Using a PC to access the Kindle store and then download them through USB to the Kindle.

About 100,000 titles available.

Books, newspapers, magazines, blogs.

E-books purchased through the Sony eBook Library on-line store via USB and PC connected to the internet.




About 25,000 titles available.

Digital eBooks.

Mobipocket format or convert files by

e-mailing to Amazon for a fee. Amazon forwards converted doc through "whispernet" directly to the Kindle.

Sony format or converted from PDF using Sony eBook Library software.

Bookmark function

Bookmark function









Experimental web browser.


Supports MP3 audio files using your own audio books or music or audio books from audible.com downloaded to a PC. (files too large for "whispernet" service.)

Supports music files in MP3 format. They will play randomly, not user controlled.

Supports MP3 audio files using your own audio books or music.

The Sony eBook Store does NOT offer audio books.

Price $399.00

Price $299.00

So, which is the right e-reader for you? At first it seems like the Kindle wins "hands down" (except for the price). Not so fast. Do you have "whispernet" coverage? Will you have coverage in the areas that you travel with it? If not, then many of its features will not be available to you.

I can tell you that my first Kindle broke in one week. The page button jammed and froze the unit. I treat my replacement Kindle very carefully.
I live about a half-mile outside the official "whispernet" coverage area, but still can connect. I have used the "whispernet" feature while riding in a car (as a passenger of course!) and had no problems staying connected.

The Sony is made from aluminum, not plastic. It's smaller and thinner than the Kindle. It can hold more books than the Kindle by using both an SD and CF card. The charger costs an extra $30.00.



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